It is an honor you are here tuning into my frequency, I bow to you, you divine pure love light.
You are here because you believe you have a spirit, a soul, that mankind is not the only existing being in the whole cosmos. You believe there are other beings from other galaxies and dimensions. You also believe that there are other dimensions other than the 3 dimensions that most of mankind has been lead to believe for billions of years.
You believe in Sacred Geometry and you have experienced connection with some voices in your head that are from Arcturian Council of Light, Lyran Council of Light, Pleiadian Council of Light, Orion Council of Light, Sirius Council of Light, Regulus Council of Light, Capella Council of Light, Vega Council of Light, Aldebaran Council of Light, Rigel Council of Light, Andromeda Council of Light, The Timers Council of Light, Tau Cei Council of Light, Polaris North Start Council of Light, among others such as Draconian Council of Light, Reptilian Council of Light and Insectilian Council of Light and specially and Intergalactic Council of Light and Ashtar Galactic Federation of Light, to start with.
You are here because you feel the call to be activated into the 5th dimension on the first round of Gaia's activation into the light. The 5th dimension is just the beginning and the first gate towards the 12th dimension, as the path towards unity in the whole cosmos with the highest frequencies to enable creation and purification.
Beloved one,
energies into the light are done via my online platform. This platform is now under development and is applying for crowdfunding to enable that all of you can be activated and subscribe with a monthly money energy value that is possible to all. 
More information about the platform is coming soon during the first semester of 2020.
Beloved one,
until then kindly follow my facebook page where you can receive free energy from the light and release energies into the light.
All energies are released into the light, always with kindness, compassion and greater love, they are the reason why your life force is being taking and you are always in low vibrating. These lower level vibrations are also searching constantly for sources of light, because they have forgotten that at the moment of their conception they were created with pure unconditional love and high frequency of light. Start seeds, Indigo, Crystal, Light workers, Earth Angels, Rainbow, among others have decided to come into Gaia from other galaxies to help Gaia into ascension into the light and to assist these dark energies and negative entities into the light.
Beloved one,
it is an honor to serve you by being the gatekeeper assisting those beautiful energies inside of you, which do not belong to you into the light, with the assistance of the Archangels of Light, the Intergalactic Council of Light and the Ashtar Sheran Galactic Federation of Light.
Be kind and compassionate to yourself during this activation as there are many rounds towards your true self, to unblock your spirit, retrieve your soul, your divine love connection, your life purpose and to be united with your soulmate for all the creations you are meant to do in this life time on Gaia for the greater good of all.
Beloved one,
I serve the Intergalactic Council of Light and I am a Ashtar Sheran Galactic Federation of Light Starfleet Commander here on mission to help activate this beautiful planet onto the 5th dimension.  
Beloved one,
beings that come into my frequency have been most of the time manifesting and asking help from the higher councils of light, angels, God, Jesus, and many other Gods and Goddesses to help and assist them to the release the darkness and low frequencies into the light.
Only the ones genuinely manifesting this help come into my frequency and take the most important step, which is first to listen to my communications on Soundcloud, Youtube videos and go through my Facebook page.
Beloved one, once you have gone through the free social content available, kindly start the activations by subscribing to my platform where you are to follow guidelines of what to eat, wear, listen, see and read and above all, to do many many hypnotherapy sessions with neural linguistic programming online in your own time, location and in your own trueself pace.
In my platform you are in a 5th dimensional portal connected with the archangels of light through the 7 sacred seals portal to grace, stargate developed by Richard Rudd from the Gene Keys.
For you to become activated you need to go through these gates. This means you need to honor your pain with grace, your truth, which is above anything else, you remember how to forgive yourself and give forgiveness to others, how to embrace unconditional and universal love, how to let go of the mind control and surrender to divine will from the cosmos. You acknowledge that your DNA is the light, that we are one and interconnected through our DNA. That you have an astral body, which is always connected to all energies, where you honor you inner child emotions and you open yourself to the truth of what this world really is. The beings from this world are meant to live in pure freedom from low frequencies, in pure happiness as a constant in their lives and not as a mere second of a reality that has just come by surprise.
Welcome beloved one to be activated into the 5th dimension.
So it is
Love, light and gratitude
Siri Angel

Siri Angel

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