Beloved one,


You are your thoughts (your mind), feelings (your body) 

and emotions (your spirit).


Hypnotherapy with Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP)

main focus is on the subconscious mind, which consist

of 90 % of your cognitive capabilities, body functions

control and emotion regulator.

You normally use between 5 % to 10 % of your brain

and nervous system, where most of time you are not aware

or even realize that the subconscious mind it what really

determinate every decision you make in life, emotional state

and body feelings, including diseases. 


Here we go deeper into yourself as the memories stored in the

subconscious from your childhood, which you do not have access

in your conscious mind. 

Hypnosis is an excellent method to access those memories

done in the past. These memories you are not aware, they

only came to your awareness in Alpha brain waves, a

stated reached in deep Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a safe approach. You are always aware and

you can get out of your state of hypnosis by own choice.

During hypnosis you are always conscious and remember

everything. It is like watching a movie on a television,

you are the spectator looking at a scene linked to an

important event in your life, like a strong emotion

experienced in the past. These scenes are normally stored

highly in your subconscious nervous paths in both your

brain and in all your body, specially emotions to pain,

meant to keep you safe and alive, also named EGO.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful, and it is now at

your front door when you came into this website. You can step

in your subconscious by doing an Hypnotherapy session with

Neural Linguistic Programming.

The benefits of accessing your subconscious are unlimited, most

important ones to reprogram your mind by changing the

memories done in the past. These memories served you then,

however you are no longer that little child anymore. The

subconscious mind does not know that, since you can only

reprogram your subconscious mind in Alpha brain waves,

a state of deep meditation, or deep trance. From age 4 years

old in today's society how children are raised, that Alpha

brain state is suppressed. This means you cannot change

those memories, which no longer serve you, unless you activate

again the Alpha brain waves.

You have come to the right place to relearn how to be in

Alpha brain waves.

I offer Flower of Light group activations gatherings and private

activations to assist you in being your true self and let go

of those beautiful memories done in the past by your beloved

EGO and in past lives in this galaxy and other galaxies.

I assist your ego by accepting it, loving it, understanding it,

forgiving it, trusting it and communicate to it a new way of

existence, that is your true self once you realize you are no

longer the EGO from childhood survival and protection needed

to survival in your physical body. With me you you transcend 

your EGO and open the door to your full potential self as

you were from the beginning when you came to Earth and

to create your most true desires towards your purpose.

When you access your subconscious mind you can heal

any of the below symptoms by going to the root cause of

what is causing these:

  • Depression and Apathy

  • Fear, Anxiety and Stress

  • Anger and Rage

  • Autoimmune diseases, allergies, skins problems, arthritis, cancer, diabetes,

  • heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome and multiple sclerosis

  • Overweight or underweight

  • Infertility in both men and women

  • Addictions such as Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, Over shopping,

    • Pornography, Pedophilia, over helping others, Social Media,

    • watching Tv, high and low sex drive, Plastic Surgery,

    • Tattooing all your body, constant need for change,

    • constant need for sports with adrenaline release,

    • over use of technology,  over doing sport activities, among others

  • Love relationships are missing in your life, there is no trust or forgiveness

  • You are in a love relationship, however you are not sure that is the one

  • You do not find time for the things, that are the most important in

    • your heart, yourself, your family and your community

  • Abundance and prosperity are words that you do not understand

    • and you are always counting your wealth and under Financial

    • survival instead of a state of receivership and allowing towards

    • gratitude, which leads to Abundance

  • You feel lost and with no idea what is your purpose in this life time,

    • you are just drifting way with the flow, a flow that you go with

    • to fit in the society and regulations, a flow that you deep

    • inside feel that you do not belong, but comply because you

    • have a belief that is the way to cope in this world and to be accepted

  • You feel unsafe and do not trust strangers and people in general.

    • The world feels unsafe to you and you feel separated from

    • other people, nature, animals, planet earth and the universe

  • You have a hard time saying your truth to others, feeling that you

    • might disappoint them, be unkind to them or that you are

    • going to be rejected

  • You want to get the most out of this life time, however the

  • sentence that you most of the time say is

    • "I have no time, resources or I am not capable",

      • making you feel unworthy and insignificant and not enough

These are a brief list of what you can change once you access your subconscious mind​

Step into the door of yourself, your subconscious mind is always there.

With me I am just facilitating the door and vehicle, you are the driver.

You learn how to activate your Alpha brain waves, to empower

yourself to be your true self as from your conception and to be

free to be your highest potential, which is unlimited.

Beloved one,

Do for free a Hypnosis with NLP from the video below on Youtube, to release ANGER and remember how to do FORGIVENESS. Do this as many times as needed, endless times to release what is not you and suppressed inside of you, blocking you from being activated into the 5th dimension.

Please see the videos about preparations and Service Level Agreement, which prepare you the Hypnosis

Please ensure that you have a voice recorder during the hypnosis, where you record your answers






















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